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Banking Occupations

Principles of Banking

This course covers the fundamentals of bank functions in a descriptive fashion. Topics include banks and monetary system, the relationship of banks to depositors, the payment functions, bank loans, and accounting, regulations, compliance, and examinations. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the business of banking from a broad perspective.

Teller Training​

Develop essential bank teller skills. Master core competencies such as bank profitability, cash handling, check cashing, deposit and withdrawal processing, cash payments, and daily settlements of teller cash and proof transactions and security threats and its detection. Develop a broad understanding of bank products. Build interpersonal skills that are effective with both customers and co-workers. Master the principles of professional conduct. Learn how to cultivate relationships and provide value-added service.

Upon completion, students should be able to discuss the components of teller performance and perform effectively as a teller after minimal on-the-job training. Students will build a solid foundation of critical customer service skills.

Career Opportunities

  • Bank teller

  • Investment advisor

  • Loan officer

  • Bank Manager

  • Client Service Specialist

  • Financial Fraud Specialist

  • Risk & Compliance Specialist

  • Payment Solutions

  • Debt counselor

  • Underwriter

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