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Computer Science & Multimedia

Computer Science and Multimedia is a vast discipline that spans from coding to video editing. The computer science domain includes software development, video game design, image editing, web development, and computer engineering. Multimedia also covers areas of Photoshop, video editing, 3D building, and video game design. Students will start with an intro to programming, where students will learn to build code for video games. Students will be able to wire and add resistors to projects that interact with the environment. Video game design classes test students’ ideas about what a game is and how they are made. Video editing marches into the fields of editing, effects, and streaming.

Year I
Students will take a combination of classes that cover computer science (Computer Science Discoveries, Web design, App Inventor) and digital media (Video Editing, 3D Modeling, and Photoshop).

Year II
Students take a combination of classes that cover advanced levels of computational thinking: AP Computer Principles (Python) and AP Computer Science A (Java).


ACA (Adobe Certified Association)Advanced Placement ExamCertifications in Photoshop, Video Editing, and Web Development are available.

Skills/Knowledge Acquired

  • Proficiency with Adobe Photoshop and Premiere.

  • Hand coding skills in Java, Javascript, Python, and Web Languages.

  • Computational and organizational skills.

  • Program management and organization.


Course Activities

  • Build code for video games.

  • Breaking code.

  • Wire and add resistors.

  • Design video games.

  • Edit videos.

  • Create products with Photoshop

  • 3D Printing, modeling, animation and rendering.

  • UX design.

  • Computer concepts.

  • Analytical skills.


Entry Level Job Opportunities

  • Web Development Associate

  • Design Assistant

  • Webmasters Assistant

  • Assistant Editor

  • Career Opportunities (with further education)

  • Software Development

  • Graphic Designer

  • Media Engineer

  • Programmer

  • Software Engineer

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