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Where Students Come First

Because of her own adverse childhood experiences, Michelle Jennings-Anderson is a strong advocate of workforce development initiatives and second-chance opportunities. She believes that every student should be equipped with a viable pathway to meaningful, lifetime employment. Our average cost per student is $4,800 per year. To keep the program afloat, we need your help to cover this expense. Your donation makes it possible to fund not only tuition, books, tools, and supplies, but also supportive services critical to students’ success.


As a JOCA supporter, you know the impact of equipping a young adult with the essential tools to succeed. It is the difference between aging out of the foster care and having a pathway for a successful future, between experiencing homelessness and accessing safe housing, between dropping out of high school and having a diploma paired with a pathway for immediate entry into the workforce or college.  

If you have had to overcome childhood adversities such as physical, emotional, or sexual abuse; poverty; foster care; homelessness; juvenile delinquencies; or teen pregnancy, you are fortunate, because you made it!

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